Tad Lumpkin


Tad Lumpkin is a dynamic combination of the business end as well as the creative end of high level media. He has experience in, Media Production, Creative Direction, business Strategies and Emerging Platforms.

Tad has successfully managed elite entertainment talent as well as spearheaded the structuring of $100+ million in entertainment deals and transactions. He has a thorough understanding of how to develop and drive major media projects in television, film, radio, advertising and digital media. He is someone who leads by example, communicates effectively with cross-functional teams and has a track record of meeting demanding deadlines.

Tad Lumpkin is known for his hands-on approach to managing talent, bringing concepts to life and collaborating with clients. He is also very energetic with a contagious enthusiasm in relentlessly pursuing excellence.

Tad Lumpkin has a Bachelor of the Arts Degree from the University of Florida. Tad began his career working on Creative Production projects in Los Angeles, CA as well as Austin, TX in 1999 to present day. He worked as a writer, director, producer, as well as talent manager. Tad was able to work effectively with a variety of companies, productions, celebrities, business leaders and creative visionaries. Tad has helped to create compelling websites, videos, advertising campaigns, content and marketing materials for creative endeavors. He has also been involved in writing, producing and directing captivating content.

Tads next endeavor was working at ICM Partners in Los Angeles, CA as a Senior Agent in 2000 to the present. While working here Tad has secured and negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts for top talent with film studios, TV networks, consumer brands, commercial production companies, intellectual property owners and digital media projects. Tad was also in charge of identifying, signing and developing top tier creative talent to match a renowned and diversified client list to prestigious film studios.

The American Dream

An Entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new,and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America Today.

Fox News Interview

Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day?

Some of Tad’s key projects in his career are:

  • The American Dream Film: Co-wrote, produced and co-directed this 30 minute long animated piece that has over twelve million views on youtube alone. This project raised over 350,000 dollars in capital. Tad also marketed the project, built the accompanying website and generated online content and buzz around the project.
  • The Bullet Wire: Developed a custom media platform from scratch. Oversaw the creation of the brand identity as well as the design of the website. Tad also created video content, news stories as well as audio clips to share on the website.
  • Writer and Director: Tad Lumpkin developed a highly effective video marketing piece for a Lionsgate large scale released studio film.

Some of Tad Lumpkins other assets are:

  • He closed multi-million dollar deals on behalf of tent pole production company.
  • Successfully negotiated deals with all major Hollywood Studios, including Universal, Fox, Warner Brothers and Marvel. He also negotiated deals with many independent companies as well.
  • Formed strategic alliances for commercial directors with production companies while securing up-front monetary guarantees.
  • Significantly increased revenues and marketplace status of dozens of major entertainment clients.
  • Built revenue-sharing deals and clarified territories to better manage partnersips with foreign agencies and partners.
  • Identified the explosive growth in home entertainment and structured client base in order to close millions of dollars in deals. As well as sign companies and vendors to create additional media and identify property rights for potential distribution.



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