The Bullet Wire

Tad wanted to create a platform in which he could launch films, new series, news etc. He needed a brand to produce and send information with an image design and brand that meant something. The Bullet wire is a diverse and dynamic media platform to build a template for when they have the resources to talk about things. It is a portal to take back the freedom that people were promised. It tells you the truth, it may hurt but it will make you stronger in the end.

The Bullet Wire is designed to make you join the fight instead of feel like a victim. Fighting for justice, kindness, and empowerment of individual people and tells you wants going on in that frame of mind.

The American Dream

Tad Lumpkin thought that a debunked corrupted and broken financial system perpetuated by politicians and an american populous was something worth talking about. Most people aren’t sure what banks and economists are talking about. Using storytelling that is relatable, hard-hitting and emotional helps people understand more simply what is going on and what they can do, people need the truth. The story needed to be told in a accessible way. People are not going to need powerful people to tell them what to do. People want to be able to make their own decisions, people want peace and prosperity.

The American Dream Review rates are great, 90% positive reviews. The film has proven to be a great way to get people heated up about how corrupt banks and government is by being convoluted. It gives people more incentive to do something about it.