A Guide to Eating and Drinking on the Lower, Lower East Side

leadbelly restaurant(Business Insider) A few weeks ago, we were walking across East Broadway, in that area south of the Lower East Side, but east of Chinatown, when we noticed something unusual outside of 169 Bar, one of our favorite dive-y hangouts: a line outside. Next door, at the new location Mission Chinese, waits are absolutely bonkers (though worth it, we say – check out our review). Around the corner, you’ll find the perpetually packed and much freaked-out about Dimes, as well as a new outpost of Pies ‘N’ Thighs. In a very concentrated and frankly, pretty out-of-the-way area, stuff is HAPPENING. Speaking of the area, we’re not exactly sure what to call it. East Chinatown? The Lower Lower East Side? Maybe Beanie Town. Everyone walking around here is always wearing a beanie. Suggestions welcome. We’re defining the area as east of Allen, and south of Hester, so maybe…SHeEAl? In addition to restaurants, there’s a thriving gallery scene around here, as well as some cool bars and coffee shops.—Read more at Business Insider

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