NYC Surpasses Tokyo In Top Entertainment and Media Spending


Photo: Bildagentur Huber / Kremer Susanne

Photo: Bildagentur Huber / Kremer Susanne

Deadline – The Big Apple took the top spot in 2014 by accounting for $19.7 billion in entertainment and media spending, ahead of Tokyo’s $19.5 billion, according to a report out today from research and consulting firm. NYC likely will remain the industry capital through 2018, with outlays increasing an average of 4.5% a year to $23.6 billion, says the report titled “Cities of Opportunity.” It would be followed by Tokyo (+0.7% a year to $20.1 billion in 2018), London (+3.3% to $18.5 billion), Seoul (+3.5% to $13.5 billion), Hong Kong (+5.6% to $11.2 billion) and Los Angeles (+4.4% to $9.9 billion).

The results could be significant: Entertainment and media (or E&M) will be an increasingly important source of jobs and wealth as the world becomes more urbanized, PwC says. It estimates that by 2018, the 30 top cities will account for $184 billion in E&M spending — up from $147 billion in 2013 — and 6.3 million jobs. Established industry centers will continue to dominate: E&M accounts for more than 10% of the GDP for London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Madrid and Istanbul. But the fastest growth will take place in emerging cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and Jakarta.

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